Infrared heating panel PION Thermo Class

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Unique technology based on heat transfer using carbon nanofibers and elegant design – thanks to these two factors the PION Thermo Glass heating panels are unique and original not just on the Bulgarian but also on the European market.

Infrarotstrahler PION Thermo Glass are sold with above-standard five-year warranty. Heat transfer through infrared radiation provides for high efficiency and low operating costs.

This is more than 20 % cheaper than our competitors on the European market!

PION Thermo Glass 04    (400W)   -   209.00  euro

PION Thermo Glass 06    (600W)   -   249.00  euro

PION Thermo Glass 08    (800W)   -   269.00  euro

PION Thermo Glass 10  (1000W)    -  289.00  euro
In order to avoid compromising the integrity of the layer on the glass surface, use gloves during assembly!!!

Монтажный комплект с кронштейнами для жесткого крепления на потолок/стену входит в комплектацию.
Гарантийный срок на все модели инфракрасных обогревателей ПИОН - 3 года. 
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